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Your posture and jaw health are more interconnected than you may think. Poor posture can contribute to TMJ and exacerbate jaw-related problems. At the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we recognize the significance of addressing posture as part of our comprehensive approach to TMJ care.

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The benefits of posture training for TMJ

Posture training is an essential component of our holistic TMJ care approach. Here’s how it can benefit your TMJ and jaw health:

  • Alignment: Proper posture helps align your spine, neck, and jaw, reducing strain on the TMJ.
  • Muscle relaxation: Improved posture can alleviate muscle tension in the neck and jaw, reducing discomfort.
  • Breathing support: Correct posture supports optimal breathing, which is crucial for overall well-being and TMJ health.
  • Reduced TMJ symptoms: Addressing posture-related issues can lead to a reduction in TMJ symptoms such as pain, clicking, and tightness.

The posture-jaw connection

Posture plays a crucial role in the alignment of your spine, neck, and jaw. When your posture is suboptimal, it can lead to misalignment of the jaw, increased muscle tension, and TMJ-related symptoms. Here’s how poor posture can affect your jaw health:

Neck and jaw alignment

Slouching or forward head posture can cause the neck to jut forward, altering the natural alignment of the jaw. This can contribute to jaw pain, clicking, or discomfort.

Muscle tension

Poor posture can strain the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. These tense muscles can radiate tension to the jaw area, potentially leading to TMJ issues.

Breathing and jaw function

Posture can affect the way you breathe, and improper breathing can impact jaw function. Learning correct posture and breathing techniques can improve airway function and support TMJ health.

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Our Multidisciplinary Posture Training Approach

This unique approach not only aims to alleviate pain and enhance jaw function but also focuses on improving your appearance and boosting confidence through dedicated posture training. Our emphasis lies in correcting the root causes of dysfunction rather than merely addressing symptoms, ensuring you enjoy long-term relief and an elevated quality of life. Complementary treatments to address the root cause of issues may include Trigger Point Therapy, BOTOX Therapy and review of Myofascial Pain. With a team of compassionate professionals and an array of in-house therapies, we are devoted to providing the highest standard of care, supporting your journey towards a healthier and happier you.

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Why choose us?

We are committed to getting to the root cause of TMJ issues and correcting underlying dysfunctions, not just treating symptoms. Our evidence-based approach ensures that we offer every proven and effective treatment for TMJ. From advanced diagnostics to custom treatments, we tailor our services to each patient’s unique needs. With a focus on pain relief, improved jaw function, and long-term management, we also provide emotional and psychological support throughout your TMJ journey. We bring together a range of therapies, including posture training.

Posture Training FAQ

Can poor posture cause TMJ problems?

How can posture training benefit TMJ patients?

Is posture training personalized to individual needs?

Can posture training replace other TMJ treatments?

Can poor posture cause TMJ problems?

Yes, poor posture can contribute to TMJ problems by altering the alignment of the jaw, increasing muscle tension, and impacting overall jaw health.

How can posture training benefit TMJ patients?

Posture training can benefit TMJ patients by promoting proper alignment, reducing muscle tension, improving breathing, and alleviating TMJ symptoms.

Is posture training personalized to individual needs?

Yes, posture training is personalized to address each individual’s specific posture-related issues and TMJ symptoms.

Can posture training replace other TMJ treatments?

Posture training is often integrated into a comprehensive TMJ treatment plan that may include other modalities. It complements other treatments to support overall TMJ and jaw health.

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