Address your sleep apnea through exercise

Exercise can be a valuable treatment for individuals with sleep apnea. Regular physical activity not only aids in weight management but also strengthens the muscles in the throat and upper airway, which can help keep the airways functioning as nature intended. By reducing excess weight and improving muscle tone, exercise can reduce sleep apnea severity. At the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we can advise you on how exercise can improve your condition for a happier, healthier life.

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What should I expect from an exercise program for sleep apnea?

Exercise is a valuable component of our comprehensive approach to whole-body health. Under our guidance, you can expect gradual progress in several areas. First, you may notice improvements in your overall fitness and energy levels. Over time, if excess weight contributes to your sleep apnea, you might experience weight loss or weight maintenance, reducing symptoms.

What is an exercise for sleep apnea?

A custom exercise program can significantly enhance the quality of life for those whose sleep apnea has developed or is made worse due to excess weight or a sedentary lifestyle. These are some of the goals it could help you achieve:

Weight management

Obesity is a significant risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Exercise, in combination with a balanced diet, can help with weight loss or weight maintenance. 

Muscle tone improvement

Exercise can strengthen the muscles in your throat and upper airway, which could help prevent airway collapse during sleep. 

Improved sleep patterns

Engaging in regular exercise can promote better sleep patterns and more restful sleep. 

Stress reduction

Stress and poor sleep can worsen sleep apnea symptoms. Exercise reduces stress and improves mood, potentially contributing to better sleep quality.

We will tailor an exercise program that suits your fitness level and physical abilities.

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A holistic approach to sleep apnea

We take a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to sleep apnea and related concerns at the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea. From oral appliance therapy and myofunctional therapy to nutritional coaching, posture correction, and exercise programs, our integrated approach combines cutting-edge technology with evidence-based techniques. By addressing the interplay of various factors affecting sleep apnea, we provide holistic solutions that target the root causes to help you achieve sleep health and overall well-being.

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Founder & Clinical Director Amin Samadian, D.D.S.

Dr. Samadian is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He has years of clinical hands-on training in full-mouth rehabilitation, cosmetics, implantology, and jaw dysfunction disorders. With a parallel clinical interest and pathway, He continued building his particular set of skills over the years by completing training and coursework in TMD and Sleep Breathing Disorders with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and the Misch Institute.

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Why choose the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea?

At the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we take pride in our professional team's expertise in diagnosing and creating effective treatment plans for our patients, ensuring quick and straightforward results. Our comprehensive approach encompasses a range of services, including TMJ treatments, advanced orthodontics, Maxillary Skeletal Expanders (MSE), and tongue tie release. We are committed to delivering an extraordinary level of personalized care, emphasizing holistic well-being by addressing medical concerns and enhancing our patient's appearance and confidence.

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