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During your consultation with our experienced team at the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we can discuss the various financing options we offer. We have created a center where you can expect a budget-friendly approach to comprehensive oral and facial procedures.

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Comprehensive full-mouth reconstruction financing

Our commitment to accessibility extends to our full mouth reconstruction procedures, which can involve significant investment. We've designed financing options that accommodate cases up to $70,000, catering to patients with credit scores as low as 580. Your consultation will be a pivotal step in understanding the extent of our offerings and how our financing plans align with your needs.

Tailored treatment, personalized financing

Your consultation with us is an opportunity to discuss your dental goals and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns. We'll provide a detailed quote once we've identified the specific treatments you need. Our patient care team will then guide you through the array of financing options available, ensuring that you make an informed decision.

We work with our patients one-on-one.

The journey to achieving your new smile can include a financial consultation. Our supportive staff can assist you in resolving the financial aspects of your treatment for a seamless and stress-free experience. Whether you're considering a full-mouth reconstruction, orthodontic coaching, or any other transformative procedure, our goal is to make the experience accessible and rewarding.

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Your orofacial wellness matters.

At the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, we prioritize your well-being above all else. Our approach centers around understanding your holistic health and crafting personalized treatment plans that contribute to your overall wellness. We recognize that dental visits can be accompanied by apprehension. With our patient-focused approach, you will discover a practice focused on resolving the stress or anxiety associated with dental care.

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A private consultation.

Discover the unparalleled approach to orofacial health offered by the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea. To gain insights into our advanced methodologies and customized treatments, take the first step by arranging a consultation with our knowledgeable and friendly team. We are dedicated to enhancing your quality of life through comprehensive and transformative dental care. Reach out today and start the journey to orofacial health and a holistic approach to wellness.

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