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Vertigo (dizziness) San Francisco

TMJ or TMD is often called “the great impostor” because it can cause many symptoms that seem completely unrelated to your bite, such as vertigo. Vertigo is when you feel dizzy or off balance because the entire world seems to be moving when it’s not. A poorly aligned jaw can put pressure on the balance organs in your inner ear, reducing their ability to function and causing vertigo or dizziness.

How TMJ Causes Dizziness and Vertigo

The vestibular system of your inner ear is located in your temporal bone, which is also where your jaw bone attaches to the skull. When your jaw is out of balance, it can put excessive force on this bone and lead to a misalignment of the vestibular system. This will cause it to give incorrect, conflicting signals to the brain about your balance, leading to dizziness or feelings of vertigo.

If you are suffering from vertigo there may be an underlying cause that isn’t so obvious. The health of your jaw joint (TMJ) and your bite (occlusion). When issues arise with either of these two things it can result in a temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction. Research has shown that there may be a correlation between TMJ and Vertigo which helps in resolving some cases by treating your misaligned bite and reducing tension in the connected jaw muscles.

Successful TMJ Treatment for Dizziness and Vertigo

Meniere’s disease is a known ear condition named for the French physician Prosper Meniere, who discovered it in 1861. Meniere’s disease affects the functioning of the inner ear, causing symptoms commonly seen in TMJ as well: dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, stuffiness, or ear pain. If a person is diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, they are often told there is no cure to the condition.

However, TMJ treatment can resolve these symptoms and has been known to cure several cases diagnosed as Meniere’s disease. This shows how important it is to get a second opinion when you’ve been told you have a chronic, incurable condition, such as Meniere’s disease.

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