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  • “My tinnitus started sometime around 2008.  For several years, my tinnitus would modulate between very low to moderate.  It wasn’t until February of 2018 that it became unbearably loud.
    I had tried seeking relief by visiting ENTs, hearing specialists, traditional chiropractors, neurologists, etc. to no avail.  It wasn’t until I discovered Dr. Larson (by referral of my NUCCA chiropractor) did I finally embark on a 10 month journey to recovery.
    My tinnitus has almost gone away!  The mouth gear that Dr. Larson prescribed was a key component in helping my jaw relax and reset back to it’s correct position.  In the past, I dismissed the clicking in my jaw as normal. Through Dr. Larson’s care. I discovered that I had TMJ. Which in itself can be a root cause of tinnitus.
    If anyone struggles with tinnitus, I advise them to contact Dr. Larson.  His approach to helping patients with tinnitus also includes coordination with other subject matter practitioners.  As I discovered, that in itself a valuable tool in the belt since there are very few doctors out there tackling this subject matter with as much care and coordination.”
     – RT
    San Jose

“Imagine not being able to dream for 25 years. By that I mean, no quality REM sleep for decades, always waking up tired, perhaps worse than you felt before going to bed.

That was me before Dr. Larson treated me for a severe case of sleep apnea. Unable to get a good night’s sleep, I was constantly getting the flu and sinusitis. I missed at least a couple days of work each month, and missed out on social engagements as well.

Dr. Larson diagnosed the problem, and helped me understand what I was dealing with. After some sleep tests, the doctor fashioned a comfortable oral appliance that allowed me to breathe easily. The follow-up tests showed great improvement, but, most importantly, I’m finally able to get a good night’s rest.

Today, I’m not perpetually sick, missing out on work, or missing out socially. I’m much more productive at work, and I have the energy to live life to the fullest outside work.

And, yes, I can dream lucid dreams and wake up in the morning ready make the most of each day. Thanks to Dr. Larson, my quality of life is much improved.

San Francisco

I feel amazing, I didn’t realize how much my TMJ pain was affecting my sleep, my performance and my energy. Now I am sleeping well, with more deep sleep, have more energy, I don’t have headaches, and getting a lot more done at work. It’s amazing how much this treatment has changed my life. I am so appreciative to have met Dr. Larson. I never thought I would be able to stand here and say I have no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Larson and his TMJ program!

Kacie C.

I went to the San Francisco Center For TMJ and Sleep Apnea after struggling with TMJ for three years. I had tried local dentists, an oral surgeon, and other popular treatments but nothing seemed to work. Discovering that there was a treatment plan backed with success stories was very encouraging to me. I began this treatment plan and I am now weaning off the treatment. It has reduced the pain I have been suffering from for so long and it has given me a lot of knowledge about the causes of TMJ. Dr. Larson, Yvonne, and the rest of the staff have been very friendly and helpful throughout the whole treatment. If you are struggling with TMJ, do not give up! There are options! I highly recommend this practice.

Janet P.

I entrusted Dr. Larson and Yvonne with treating my chronic TMJ. They conducted a comprehensive examination and fully explained the results to me before proceeding to offer treatment options. I am happy to report that after the first session, my discomfort levels were down significantly, and once I became accustomed to the simple appliance I wear at night, my TMJ is a thing of the past and (maybe for the first time?) my jaws are aligned properly!

Christopher K.

I started splint therapy about a week ago. I definitely noticed many benefits out of it. For example to pain around my eye socket, the pain in my temple has definitely decreased. one of the most important things that I have noticed it has been the fact that at night I can definitely breathe better. I’m currently in a CPAP machine because of sleep apnea and within the first day I was able to realize that the air flow was coming through more perfectly I might say, where I was able to breathe better so a lot of benefits definitely a lot of improvement. My headaches have decreased a lot as well they’re not now constantly in my eye socket. So I’m very excited about my treatment, its only been a week and I’m very excited and looking forward to next couple of weeks!

Cindy S.

Years and years of mediocre and sporadic dental care left my mouth a mess. Then, I met Dr. Larson and his competent staff who made me feel at ease. They weren’t pushy and never made me feel embarrassed. They just showed me what they saw on a monitor, explained the health risks and gave me options and wanted to know what MY goals were for MY mouth — this was genius, I would say.

Other dentists I saw in the past made me feel like they owned me because I was leaned back in the chair with my mouth open and in a very vulnerable position. They told me what I had to do without explaining anything. Some dentists even used the shaming tactic to push me into getting treatment: ‘Do you ever floss and brush your teeth?’ ‘Do you value your teeth?’ ‘ Did you know that mercury fillings are toxic and could kill you?’ ‘I can smell your bad breath.’, etc. To any dentists who may ever read this, GET A NEW SCHPEELE — it doesn’t work! I was too uncomfortable and embarrassed to ever go back. I wouldn’t schedule anything and just hoped that my mouth issues would go away.

I have been a patient of Dr. Larson’s for the last six years and can honestly say that I look forward to my appointments and have remained consistent. They were very patient with me and helped me get to a healthy and brighter smile within a time frame that worked for ME. They know how to treat an adult; there’s no nagging or put downs, and I’m rewarded for every small triumph.

This is a first class office and I guarantee you will have the most thorough explanations and treatments!

Pascal V.
Emeryville, CA

Dr. Larson is an excellent dentist with a great team of friendly individuals who refrain from expressing shock and horror at what years of coffee, cigarettes (which I quit in 2012), and a love for acidic food looked like.

Due to the rising costs of dentistry and orthodontic care in the US, by my 4th year in the country my primary dentist was still someone back home in Indonesia. I had been going to him for years and his reputation as the leading specialist in orthodontia in Jakarta made the inexpensive dental care even more appealing, with root canals that cost no more than $500 being the norm back then.

Well, after 2 years of not going back to Indonesia and having had an unfinished root canal be put on hold, I was in pain and looooooong overdue for some dental care. Plus, I was pregnant and, for the heath of my teeth as well as the potential health of the little girl nestled against my bladder, in need of some deep cleaning.

My four visits to see him and his team were just amazing. You only have one set of teeth to last you decades of unhealthy eating and Yelp-ing. And Dr. Larson’s practice is one of the best places in the Bay Area to entrust with their health. He and his team absolutely worth every penny.. I mean, that paycheck (or three). 😉

Asha S.
Oakland, CA

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