Patient Case Study: Janet*

A 25 year old female who presented with Chief complaints of Jaw Pain, Pain with Chewing, Limited Jaw Opening, Ear Pain, Headache and Teeth Grinding. Patient could not open past 25 mm, about half of normal and jaw joints would pop and click with an abnormal pattern of opening. She was not sleeping or breathing well during sleep, and had tremendous daytime tiredness and fatigue. This was affecting her job performance and personal relationships at home. She was prescribed 8- 12 weeks of Dual Arch Decompression Appliance Wear. Reduction of Inflammation via Physical Medicine including 4 sessions of Cold Laser therapy of Jaw, Neck and Facial muscles, TENS, Trigger Point Injection therapy of painful areas, Prolotherapy to strengthen loose jaw ligaments. Nutritional counseling and support, improvement in nasal breathing with non-surgical airway support. After 30 days she gradually withdrew from wearing appliances. Patient has gradually regained her range of motion and joint clicking has been reduced to nearly zero.

She has reported an 85-90 % improvement with elimination or reduction of all symptoms!

*names/images have been changed for HIPAA patient protection.