Patient Case Study: Charles*

Patient is a 45 year old male who presented with chief concerns of extreme daytime tiredness, nighttime snoring, nasal obstruction and mouth only breathing which was affecting his daily life, career and relationships. He wanted to return to the energy he had in his 20’s and 30’s and exercise again and be more sociable. After screening his nighttime breathing with our take home sleep test, his results were concerning to Dr. Larson and he was referred for further evaluation to one of our Sleep Physician partners. The patient was diagnosed with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and was suffocating over 70 times per hour! He had no idea, as most patients do not. Patient stated could not tolerate the traditional treatment for Sleep Apnea, an air machine called a CPAP that forces air down your airway to prevent airway collapse, and selected a treatment alternative of Continuous Open Airway Treatment (COAT) provided by the San Francisco Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea. This Oral Appliance Therapy allows for proper jaw and airway position at night. After the appliance was fabricated, fitted and properly titrated over a 2 month period, he is breathing very well at night. With other lifestyle modifications of nutrition and nasal breathing support, our patient has improved his Apnea numbers over 90%, is exercising, losing weight, experiencing more energy and most important feels well rested each morning with no falling asleep at work.

*names/images have been changed for HIPAA patient protection.