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It’s normal to feel your jaw pop every once in awhile, even to hear a click or two in your ear, or feel some discomfort in your head, neck, or shoulders after a long day. However, severe and constant facial pain, stiff and clicking jaw movements, earaches, chronic migraines, pain biting or chewing, constant sore muscles in your upper body, or extremely sensitive teeth that seem to have an off bite is not normal, and no one should have to live with these uncomfortable and inhibiting conditions. Does this lifestyle sound familiar? If so, then you might be one of the many unsuspecting TMJ sufferers, and should consider the help of San Francisco TMJ and Sleep Apnea Dr. Larson.

TMJ disorders are often progressive and can eventually cause extreme and persistent pain. Although TMJ is a disorder in the jaw, the symptoms of the disorder often carry into many other parts of the face, upper body, and even hands and fingertips. TMJ symptoms often lead professionals to misdiagnose patients, as these symptoms can often imitate those of other disorders in their range and complexity. Don’t let yourself be fooled! San Francisco TMJ and Sleep Apnea expert Dr. Larson has years of hands on experience and training in diagnosing and treating TMJ, and can quickly relieve both your worries and your pain in as little as one visit.

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