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The goal of sleep apnea treatment is to alleviate your restless nights in a comfortable and effective manner, thereby likely reducing the health risks associated with sleep apnea and lack of sleep.Treatment options often include lifestyle changes, oral appliances or Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) devices or in extreme cases, surgery.For patients who are intolerant or incapable of using CPAP, or whose cases are not  severe enough, Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) is a highly effective alternative. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine maintains that OAT is a first line defense option for Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea, or for Severe Apneics who cannot use CPAP.

Oral Appliance devices work to reposition a patient’s jaw during sleep, to alleviate snoring and allow for a more peaceful night’s sleep. After a thorough consultation and a debrief of your medical history, your San Francisco sleep apnea expert Dr. Larson can help you decide the best treatment to relieve your sleep apnea symptoms today!

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